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SLS Sign Language Services Inc has been established since 1993 with the philosophy that serving the Deaf community and our customers is best accomplished by providing Professional ASL Interpreters . Ensuring that all assignment and related information would be kept confidential by following the code of ethics and providing professionalism at all times.

Culturally Deaf people use visual language American Sign Language as their primary mode of communication. It has its own grammar, syntax. SLS Sign Language Services Inc strives to bridge the gap between the deaf and those with hearing through providing American Sign Language (ASL) Interpreting.

What is a sign language interpreter?

An Interpreter facilitates communication when people do not share the same language. Sign Language Interpreters use American Sign Language and spoken English. It is important to provide this service to facilitate clear communication for both parties involved.

When to use Interpreting Services

Whenever clear communication is required between Deaf and (non-signing) hearing people, you would use this service. Here are some examples of when to book an Interpreter. Remember a Deaf person has the same right to have accessible communication.

  • Business meetings
  • Training / Workshops
  • Conferences
  • Medical appointments
  • Educational settings
  • Staff meetings
  • Legal appointments
  • Social events
  • IPRC / Parent Teacher meetings
  • Social services
  • Investing appointments
  • Real Estate / Legal appointments
  • Personal matters
  • Job training opportunities
  • Job interviews
  • Union meetings
  • Post secondary
  • MUCH more...

Video Conferencing Services

We offer a unique service of video conferencing services to provide you with more options of having an interpreter available for your clients and employees. Check out services page for more information.