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SERVICES at SLS Sign Language Services Inc.

Sign Language Services is a Booking, Consulting and Referral Agency providing services to the community. The proprietor of the company is also a Sign Language Interpreter, this is why this agency is so unique. Having the knowledge and experience of a Interpreter we can assess the request to determine how many Interpreters you will need and this could actually save you money. Looking for an Interpreter can take countless hours and can be very frustrating. We have skilled and qualified Sign Language Interpreters that work under Sign Language Services.

SLS Sign Language Services provides Interpreters the following:

  • Business meetings
  • Training / Workshops
  • Conferences
  • Medical appointments
  • Educational settings
  • Staff meetings
  • Legal appointments
  • Social events
  • IPRC / Parent Teacher meetings
  • Social services
  • Investing appointments
  • Real Estate / Legal appointments
  • Personal matters
  • Job training opportunities
  • Job interviews
  • Union meetings
  • Post secondary
  • MUCH more...

We also offer:

  • Consultation Services for booking interpreters and will consult with your business how to work effectively with interpreters and your employees. How to hire interpreters for events, conferences and workshops to get the best fit for business.
  • Conference calls

Video Conferencing Interpreting Services

Call and inquire about this service to see how it can benefit your company. This saves time and is very convenient. This service is easily accessible for your clients or employees that are deaf and use sign language to communicate to participate in the everyday meetings in the office. If you have a last minute request this might be the answer and we also can set this service up for weekly meetings.

The great benefit to this service is that even if your located in a remote or even outside of Canada anywhere it might be difficult to book interpreters we can accommodate you.

Call today for us to get you set up for this service!