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POLICIES and Procedures

Do you need to book a sign language interpreter?
Booking procedure
Booking fee structure
Cancellation policy

Do you need to book a sign language interpreter?

SLS Sign Language Services Inc. is a Interpreting and Consulting Agency. I know that it can be very time consuming looking for a interpreter so just call SLS. We will make all of the phone calls on your behalf . We have qualified interpreters that work under SLS We look after all of the scheduling and other details that are needed. Next time you need to book a Sign Language Interpreter please call us first and we will take care of the booking arrangements for you.

All you do is fill out the information on the request form and email or you can contact our office at 905-873-9927 and give us the details directly. If you have any questions about our services please don't hesitate to call me. Thank you again and we hope to be doing business with you soon.

Booking Procedure

If you require a Sign Language Interpreter please contact our office as soon as you have a request. The sooner we know the easier it will be for us to accommodate your request. We understand that this is not always possible, we will still try to accommodate your request. If the appointment is somewhat flexible please indicate a few dates and or times.

Please note that any appointment over 2hrs will require two Interpreters due to the mental and physical demand of the Profession. Once we have found Interpreters to fill the request we will confirm the appointment with you via email confirmation or a telephone confirmation. Sign Language Services fees include booking, travel expenses and parking (to be determined by SLS).

Booking Fee Structure

Fill out or call for an Request or estimate for services. A two hour minimum booking fee will be charged. If appointment is over scheduled booking, you will be charged for another full hour. If appointment is finished earlier than schedule you will still be charged for your full booking time. Cancellations will be invoiced for the full amount if you do not give at least 2 business days notice and 2 weeks notice for ongoing contracts.

Cancellation Policy

This is our standard policy on cancellation of an appointment. It is used by Sign Language Interpreters as well as other agencies. You will be invoiced for the full amount if you do not give us at least 2 buisness days notice or the 2 weeks for ongoing contacts of the appointment being cancelled. There will be a administration charge of $40.00 for any cancellation, once the appointment has been confirmed via telephone or email.